Marion County 
Coal Miners Museum
Whitwell, Tennessee
Preserving Our Coal Mining Heritage
Tennessee has a rich and long coal mining history. Coal mining began here in small quantities during the 1840’s in counties such as Anderson, Campbell, Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, and Roane. It became a significant Tennessee industry after the end of the Civil War.
Many mines have been operated in Marion over the last century. Some of those mining towns are now no more than a few streets and houses while others still sustain larger communities. It is our desire to preserve as much of the coal mining heritage of Marion County as possible.
The purpose of our museum is to collect, catalog and display as many of the coal mining artifacts as possible from the mines and miners of our county. We are also in the process of compiling an extensive history of coal mining in Marion County.
The Marion County Coal Miners Museum is a community project led and operated by 7 retired coal miners who’s rich stories and history bring these artifacts to life. The museum’s collection is completely sponsored by the donations of miners and their families and has grown to over 500 pieces which are currently on display. Plans are underway to turn these items into permanent exhibits chronicling the history of coal mining in Marion County.
The museum is open to visits from the public at no charge. Come by and spend some time with these retired miners as they take you back through time with stories of coal mining in our county.