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Meet the Miners

When you walk into the Whitwell Marion County Coal Miners Museum, you'll be greeted with the faces of the retired coal miners who run the museum. Their stories bring to life all of the photos and artifacts that fill the museum. 


JT Shadrick

Founder & Volunteer

JT began work in the coal mines in 1977, and worked off and on for 15 years until helping them close up the mines in 1996.  He was also member of the Mine Rescue Team during the mining accident in December 8, 1981.


Jewell Shadrick


Jewell worked on the electrical maintenance in the coal mines for 24 years.  


Jerry McCurry


Jerry was the foreman for Mine 32, and he worked in the mines for 12 years and 23 days between 1974 and 1986.


Jim French


Jim worked in the coal mines for 26 years from 1967 to 1993, and he was injured outside Mine 21 on January 27, 1969.



James Delk

James worked as a surveyor for 3 summers, before going to work for the Southeast Tennessee Regional Prison from which he eventually retired.

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